I manage, design, and deliver learning solutions to help improve organizational performance.

This is my web home. If you were in my real home, I’d ask you to sit down, relax, and I’d offer you a cold drink. Until then, all I can offer you is this humble web space.

My Work Life
I am an award-winning Learning Professional focused on defining, creating, and executing learning and development solutions. Through both strategic vision and tactical execution, I assess and define learning gaps, priorities, and future business needs in order to create and manage a centralized learning strategy. Throughout my career I have delivered and led numerous presentations, workshops, seminars, and tutorials on a wide variety of instructional design and training-related issues. In my distant past, I was a book-builder, letterpress operator, and textbook designer.

What To Do Here
While here, learn more about my design philosophy, engage in discussion with me, and feel free to take a minute and check out some of my work. Feel free to contact me for a friendly chat.

My Personal Life
I currently reside in Atlanta. I spend some time writing about learning-related topics, tinkering with photography, playing with gadgets, and collecting and critiquing jazz, rock and punk albums. I also have some interesting stuff to browse over at Medium.