Samples: eLearning

My work focuses on designing highly interactive, experiential learning. Here are some recent eLearning designs I have completed.


Selling Business Value (Sales Training)

I modified Thiagi’s simple, re-usable “four-door” instructional design model to create the Selling Business Value eLearning courses for Sun Microsystems’ Global Sales Academy. The result was a series of highly interactive, non-linear courses that enabled students to choose their own custom learning path. The courses adapted to the individual’s learning style, providing the right information at the right time. Building a reusable content development model enabled the design and development team to create ten courses in the series in under six weeks. This design was honored with a Brandon Hall Gold Award for Best eLearning Custom Content.

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Join The Network (Virtual Onboarding Community Site)

Sun Microsystems wanted a new way to onboard new hires and to reach out to potential new hires world-wide. As a part of an entire onboarding experience overhaul, I designed an online social community for new hires. The Join The Network experience included social networking features, welcoming videos and messages from executives and peers, learning games designed to teach new hires about the company, an interactive “Day One” multimedia presentation, access to critical documents, and links to formal learning opportunities. New Hires were able to access the site before Day One allowing them to begin building their own network of colleagues and get a jump start on their new job. The Join The Network experience enjoyed over 53,000 unique visits, and over 140,000 page views. The site received several industry awards (including an ASTD BEST award), and was mentioned as a best practice example of exemplary use of technology by human resource managers at Facebook.

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Rise of the Shadow Specters Game (Onboarding)

I designed two learning games for Sun’s Join The Network New Hire Experience. The goal was to provide a fun, “twitch-speed” play environment to help build shared knowledge and experiences and gain a speed to competency. One game included a click-through adventure style play written in a narrative fashion. This type of game experience, sometimes referred to as a casual game, appeals to an audience that may be unfamiliar with regular videogames and/or may have a bias against the “idea” of playing a game to learn. The second game provided more complex play, often referred to as “hard fun” — because serious learning is required in order to master the game. For those more inclined to think of themselves as “gamers”, this format generated a higher level of satisfaction and motivation.

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Secure Coding At Oracle (Technical Training)

Oracle had a problem teaching a popular course on secure coding: there were only two people in the company that taught the course and with worldwide demand they couldn’t be everywhere at once! To alleviate this, I designed an eLearning course that used a combination of video, learning games, scenarios, and reference material that made the instructors available 24/7. The course used real-world scenarios to teach the importance of “thinking secure” when coding and was targeted to Oracle’s global engineering and technical support audiences.

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BMC AR System Training (Technical Training)

After BMC’s acquisition of Remedy, all their technical training needed to be updated, and in some instances, new courses needed to be designed. I designed this 7-module HTML-based course to update existing Remedy training and highlight new BMC features and functionality. The training was targeted to all BMC customers.

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Mobile Development Training at Yahoo! (Technical Training)

I created this course for all Yahoo! employees to learn about Yahoo!’s mobile strategy, recognize common constraints of mobile app development, and determine when to develop web apps vs. native apps. The course was one of Yahoo!’s first eLearning courses, and was made available to all global Yahoo! employees.

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